A “coin of value” for the “Men of Value”

A “coin of value” for the “Men of Value”

13 February 2017

The “Mannen van Waarde” (Men of Value) are IT consultants. They have three core activities.

  1. Proces optimization
  2. Selection of software packets
  3. Software developments


Through their business background and years of experience in production logistics processes their approach pays off. For more information see www.mannenvanwaarde.nl

The “Mannen van Waarden” saw  a nice idea for a business gift in our coins.

So Mauquoy Token Company produced a beautyful coin with the text ” co-operation of value “. They give the coin proudly to their clients and relationships.

Logical to be proud because we are talking here about gold plated coins that are covered with a thin layer of 24 carat gold.

The first reactions are very positive. An orginal present that suits the “Mannen van Waarde” perfectly.  Sincerely a “Mint with Value”.


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