A coin of “Happiness” – made by Mauquoy Token Company

A coin of “Happiness” – made by Mauquoy Token Company

30 January 2017

Chimney sweeps are a symbol of happiness. That’s why you often see pictures of chimney sweeps on old Christmas and New Year cards. A chimney sweep at your marriage would bring extra luck.  In Germany meeting a chimney sweep in uniform is seen as a sign of happiness. In Croatia it would bring luck to pull a button off your clothes if you meet a chimney sweep. The stories and legends are endless. Also adopted in Poland a chimney sweep brings happiness when you meet him in the street.

Therefore, Florian – a Poland-based cooperative that provides service in the field of chimney sweep- made a coin. (florian.wroclaw.pl)

On the coin reads: “We bring good luck, we ensure security”

The coin (bi-metal) is distributed to their clients as “promotional” currency but also serves as a “souvenir coin.”

Good luck!!

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