Charity tokens

Non-profit organizations and charities often rely heavily on donations from everyday citizens to fund programs. These programs and initiatives can provide essential resources for those living in poverty, help fight diseases and supply food for people in need.

Tokens are the perfect tool to support a charity or fund raising campaign.

That is why organizations use tokens to raise funds in a creative and useful way.

For instance, on events they ask a contribution to participate and the participants receive a tokens as a “reward”. That token can be used to have a drink on their event or they receive a trolley token in return, which is a useful present for a nice gift.

Another example of an organization that uses charity tokens is the Rotary club in France in their battle against all kinds of diseases and especially against cancer.

Since 2015, the Rotary club in France innovates with the action “Jeton Cancer”. Actually, it concerns a very simple action. Every year, volunteers organize on one single day a collection at the entrance of large super markets. On that specific day they sell trolley tokens for one euro.

Through this action they have collected more than 500.000 euro since 2015

The benefit of the collection is integrally used for the purchase of material that is used in the investigation of cancer.

To celebrate the fifth edition of this action the tokens were offered in metal for the first time in 2020 so they also contribute in the fight against plastic at the same

Also a Greece Evangelian association “Christmas Bazaar” organizes a yearly charity event for Christmas. The return goes straight to a few charity projects such as the support of poor (senior) people, social renters etc.

To support these projects you can buy drinks and foods on the event and they use tokens to control and facilitate the cash flow.

There are still hundreds of similar stories to tell but it is a fact that “charity” tokens are a very appropriate tool for all kind of non-profit organizations and charities.

The tokens can be personalized on one or both sides and so they strengthen the message they want to bring.

We are ready to help you to choose the perfect size and we will assist you with the design of your perfect charity token to support your charity or fund raising project!

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