Barber tokens with a touch of “eco”

Barber tokens with a touch of “eco”

8 November 2018

Noble Savage is a new “steampunk” style barbershop opening in November in Den Haag.

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We made some beautiful personalized tokens for them.

We asked the owner what they would be used for : “The tokens will be used as a replacement for cadeau cards, no disposable paper or plastic magnet strip cards but real old school metal coins. That way when the customers comes back with it to claim his service, we can re-sell the coin, no extra printing etc. So it becomes like an internal currency within the barbershop that goes in circulation, and eco friendly 😉

Each token has a certain value  and the customers buy the amount they want to give as a gift. We will also have packages where you get a discount if you buy a bigger amount of coins, that way it also kind of replaces the “customer card”.

The coins are in a treasure chest (a real antique one) and when customers buy, the personel opens the chest with a key and takes amount of coins and puts it in a little pouch (copper colored organza). ”

Hereby, once again the proof of the multiple possible applications of tokens and this time even with a touch of “eco”.

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