Back to school for Mauquoy Token Company

Back to school for Mauquoy Token Company

7 March 2019

Vlajo stands for Flemish Young Companies. The organisation receives the support of business partners and the government.

They want to develop talent in a creative way AND they want to build a bridge between school and business life.

Learning by doing is their mission (for more info see

Mauquoy Token Company is very willing to participate in this project. And that’s why we visited two schools at the end of last month. One school is located in Vorselaar (Kardinaal Van Roey Instituut) and the other school is located in Westerlo (Vrije Sint Lambertus bovenscholen). They are both located nearby our premises. Nearly 50 students in total studying “Accountancy and It” and “Office Management and communication”  attented the sessions.

They received an impression of what it is like to run a business. In the first part they received a complete explanation about the company Mauquoy Token Company. After that they received some personal information and views about being an entrepeneur. Finally the students could ask questions.

Once again, it was a very fascinating and instructive session.


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