Back into time… with Queen Artemisia, Roy Casagranda and Tokencompany

Back into time… with Queen Artemisia, Roy Casagranda and Tokencompany

18 October 2018

At a time when saying a woman’s name in public in Athens is taboo, Princess Artemisia dreams of replacing her father as the King of Halikarnassos. But horses do not gallop on clouds. As the kings of Caria plot and scheme to use her for their own ends, Artemisia cunningly outmaneuvers them in the palace and on the field of battle. She surmounts the ramparts of patriarchy to unify a divided nation and become one of history’s most unforgettable heroines.

Roy Casagranda is professor of political science in Austin, Texas and Artemisia is a big hero of him.

He wrote a novel about her “The Blood Throne of Caria” which was released a month ago.

He provides an enlarged (x4) replica of a coin he believes was minted by Artemisia I of Caria as a memento for her and the empowerment she represents.

Numismatists have dated that coin as having been minted in Halikarnassos between 500-480 BC. Artemisia’s reign was likely 496 to 479 BC. We don’t know the actual name of her husband, only that he ruled between her father and her. He believes that the “A” beneath the the goat’s mouth is a monogram, so unless her husband’s name began with an A, then it makes it almost certain that she minted the original coin.

People can buy the novel and the coin at

We created a fantastic and beautiful gold colored token with a 3 D- design and once again we are proud we could participate at this historical adventure.


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