American dream tokens

American dream tokens

24 May 2018

All round tokens, multi purpose tokens, charity tokens, car wash tokens, all-in-one tokens, laundry tokens,… or simply called “the” beautful Washland tokens.

For an American client overseas we produced some very nice car wash and laundry tokens. ( If you think there is nothing extra ordinary about that, you might change your mind after reading this uncensored testimony of our client.

I use them at the car wash and laundromat instead of coins, because it is much safer to vend tokens out of our change machines then coins.

It deters theft and vandalism of the change machines.

I also do specials with my tokens:

On Wacky Wednesdays I give back bonus tokens to customers that purchase our top wash package.  Buy our Diamond wash and GET 4 FREE TOKENS ($1 each).

We also set up all our token change machines to give bonus tokens if they buy in bulk.

For example if they buy 20, we give 21 tokens, 30 = 33 and 50=55 tokens.

Another positive factor to use tokens is that when customers buy our tokens, that means they will be a returning customer, because they will not work at any other Car Wash or Laundromat.

I love keeping tokens in my pocket:

When I stop by the car wash or laundromat, I always give every customer one free token out of my pocket. I often give my regular customers 4 or 5 tokens, especially when the have many loads of laundry.

Children at WashLand Laundry-Mat love it when I give them a token, because they can use it in our soda and candy vending machines.

Moms are happy too, because they love to see there children happy.

When I am at a restaurant I always leave a few tokens for the waitress.

Sometimes I just see a very dirty car in the parking lot and if the owner is around I give them a token and tell them about our car wash.

I always give tokens to the person who pumps my gas.

Sometimes I see someone doing a nice deed for someone and I give them a token.

I don’t think we ever had a bigger fan of our tokens so far!

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