A “LARP” token for Burger Games

A “LARP” token for Burger Games

12 February 2019

Praedor is the largest Finnish fantasy franchise and got started as series of graphic novels by artist Petri Hiltunen and by now the franchises includes real novels, music, a videogame (in development) and a best-selling (in Finnish context) roleplaying game released by Burger Games. (http://www.burgergames.com/Praedor/)

The tokens are modeled after the coinage of the largest realm within the Praedor world and players can use them to reroll any die during the adventure, as long as the roll result was not “6” to begin with. When the adventure concludes and the spoils are divided, also used coins are restored.

Ideally, all players who have coins pile them up in the middle of the table (no more than 10 per player) and the pile gets whittled away as the coins get used. Just like a real pile of treasure. Early adopters got their coins in a nice leather pouch but many have been sold individually as curios and mementoes.

More info about Praedor : http://www.praedor.net/

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