2D versus 3D design

2D versus 3D design

10 October 2017

Our coins can be minted with a 2D or 3D design on one or both sides.

Castles, cathedrals and monuments are beautiful as 2D coins. Also, objects with “symmetrical” lines are best made in 2D because the third dimension “depth” gives more “noise” than desired. 2D simplifies the design, whereas 3D shows the full granularity. Therefore, monuments (structures), cartoons and logos look excellent as 2D realizations.

Faces, viewpoints, animals or mountains look best as a 3D minted coin. 3D gives more granularity in the design and looks better when this level of detail is preferable, such as a portrait. Every detail, wrinkle or line can be shown in a 3D design. In general, “asymmetrical shapes” (when the contours do not show the object immediately) are best shown in 3D because you can add detail to a design by using “depth” as the third dimension.

Designing a 3D model takes longer than a 2D model. However, a 3D design is not necessarily more beautiful than a 2D design. It is important to decide what the best technique is for the chosen subject.

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