Like a puppet on a string…

Like a puppet on a string…

22 mai 2019

Peus de Porc is the name of a company of Puppets and street shows. ( ). The company is located in Catalunya (Spain). The company plays in different places in Europe.

An important Puppet Festival in the region of Catalunya ( takes place these days.

On this festival Peus de Porc will propose its new show „mechanical theater”.

The show consists of different machines with people that have to play to be the puppeteer and they fight with their opponent. The aim is to give as much hits as possible to the opponent.

In this context we, once again, produced some beautiful coins for them.

The coin is necessary to activate the machine to play a game. They distribute the coins one by one to the people and in this way no one takes over the machine and all the people can play.

We wish Peus de Porc a lot of fun and all the best with their new show!

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