Record €206 sale for a National Tokens Collectors Coin

Record €206 sale for a National Tokens Collectors Coin

8 marca 2023

Going once, going twice, … SOLD!

A 2010 National Tokens coin produced for Pairi Daiza, a popular zoo and botanical garden in Belgium, was sold on eBay for an impressive €206.

This marks a record high for a single National Tokens coin to be sold within collectors markets.

The coin, which featured „the Kingdom of Ganesha” on one side and the National Tokens signature „Belgian Heritage” design on the other side, was highly sought after by collectors.


The recent sale of the Pairi Daiza coin has demonstrated the popularity of National Tokens’ products and has attracted attention from coin collectors around the world. It is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and creativity in its designs.

National Tokens continues to produce commemorative coins for various organizations and events, with each coin telling a unique story. With the recent success of the Pairi Daiza coin, it is clear that the demand for National Tokens’ products is only going to grow in the future.


The full collection of National Tokens coins and their location can be found on their website: National Tokens coin collection

National Tokens is a brand of Mauquoy Token Company. More information can be found here: About Us – Mauquoy Token Company


National Tokens Coin for Pairi DaizaNational Tokens Coin for Pairi Daiza - 2010 Collectors Coin

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