Self Service Car Washes are the solution for Sahara sand

Self Service Car Washes are the solution for Sahara sand

28 maaliskuun 2024

Next weekend, people in Europe can expect an unusual visitor: Sahara sand. This phenomenon, known as the Sahara dust cloud, occurs when strong winds lift particles from the Sahara Desert and carry them across vast distances, often reaching Europe. While this occurrence might create picturesque sunsets, it poses a challenge for car owners as vehicles become coated in a fine layer of sand.

When faced with a Sahara sand-covered car, opting for a self-service car wash over a tunnel wash is the wiser choice. Self-service car washes allow for greater control over the cleaning process. Using high-pressure hoses and manual scrubbing can target specific areas where sand has accumulated, ensuring a thorough cleanse. Additionally, the option to apply specialized cleaners for stubborn stains or delicate surfaces is available, which may not be possible in automated tunnel washes. By taking the DIY approach, car owners can effectively rid their vehicles of Sahara sand, preserving their paintwork and ensuring a spotless finish.

Most self-service car washes in Europe use our tokens, so see you soon!


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