The black sheep

The black sheep

16 Μαΐου 2019

Le Mouton noir (black sheep) is a bar/restaurant situated in Luxembourg.

Their mission : everybody dreams of “being different” from time to time.. everybody wants to do things differently than others sometimes… everybody wants to live an original life… We want to breath a differtent air, we want to eat in a different way.. We all want to dream further than the others!

Don’t be a simple white sheep, confirm the diffirence and become a black sheep!

The restaurant is more than a “simple” restaurant – it is a highly respected interpretation of food using the best products.

The bar is more than a “simple” bar but is providing drinks of all corners of the world.

In this context they organize “aperos cochon”- a number of aperitif evenings combined with food and drinks and free live concerts. For more information :

Orange Diffusion is a communication office ( with several departments and organises this event for Le Mouton Noir.

We produced food and drink tokens on their behalf for this event.

We hope that all black and white sheep may enjoy this events.

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