Keep it clean and green

Keep it clean and green

25 aprila 2019

On April the 25 th 2019 Antwerp (Kempen) entrepeneurs cleaned up again.

This occurred in the context of the annual litter removal campaign for companies organized by IOK. The IOK is an intermunicipal company whose aim is to prevent and reduce waste.

Nice to know is that original cycle bags were made from the banners that announced the clean-up campaign last year.

Anyway, representatives of Mauquoy Token Company were present again on Thursday the 25 th of April 2019 and cleaned up their industrial area “Zone Reme” in Westerlo.

Unfortunately, there was a huge amount of waste once more but we determined a fall compared to other editions.

Our participation is a statement, a signal to the outside world, a symbolic act…

We believe that many little ones make “one big” and that our participation can make a difference.

We want to show that we believe everyone has a responsibility in waste management and waste policy.

Let’s go for a cleaner world for our children… The world that has to last for another eternity


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